Custom From Stitch

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What Custom From Stitch Means for You

Every project is unique. It starts with the initial consult where we come with an open mind instead of an order form with boxes. We listen to what your needs are, look at your decorating style, note your color palette – both inside and out. And we observe the architecture of the room – window style, size and placement, amount and direction of light, room proportions, and details such as trim and baseboards. All of these elements are reflected in our recommendations.


Design and Technical Expertise
We stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in our industry. And we have experience solving the trickiest issues – getting “vampire-dark” black out in a room; minimizing awkwardly placed, shaped, or proportioned windows; unifying disparate architectural and decorating styles; or the convenience of motorization for tall, wide or inaccessible windows and skylights.


Extensive Fabric & Hardware Options
Your selection of fabrics, woven shades and hardware is not limited to only a few brands. We carry hundreds of lines of fabric, shade materials and hardware so you can get exactly the right color tones, weight, finish and style. And you won’t have to sacrifice functionality – no matter if your window is curved or angled or if you have an extremely tall or wide span.

Quality-Focused Local Fabrication
As a small local company of experienced specialists, we focus on quality in our fabrication. Every project is made to measure – so no making do with “standard” widths or lengths. And unlike window coverings retailers who use glue, tapes or plastic staples to fabricate, we sew our Roman shades – so they stay together and work for years and years.

Detail, Quality & Precision Fit
Our attention to detail and quality standards means treatments that perfectly fit your windows and meet your requirements for light and privacy control. They reflect your decorating style and enhance the investment of your home throughout the years.


“From the planning stages and inspired design phase to the finished product, the quality of the workmanship from Stitch is unsurpassed…” JESSICA D.