Indoors or out, Stitch offers a wide range of automated solutions for shades, draperies and large scale screens.  Automated window coverings can greatly increase comfort and convenience, as well as safety and security. Reflective solar materials and screening available in many different coverage opacities and colors can reduce energy costs significantly. Automation even enables remote control by smart phone or automatic operation by sensors that signal motors to close window coverings when outside temperatures hit a pre-programmed setting, keeping the inside cool. Stitch implements all types of motors from hardwire and wireless to battery operated solutions. Drapery and shades are routinely automated with motors from Somfy, Lutron and Rollease.

Motorized shades and exterior screening systems can be engineered to provide protection from sun wind and insects. Single shade and screen widths up to 25 feet wide ensure a clean look that doesn’t distract from the view. We can also design and install custom hardware and housing to ensure your exteriors are visually appealing and work with the existing architecture. Indoors or out, Stitch offers a wide range of automated solutions.