Terms and Conditions

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Time frame
General rule is 3-4 weeks on custom blinds and shades; 4-6 weeks for custom fabric treatments. Delays can arise from fabric back orders, flaws, etc. You will be notified in the event of delay in schedule.

Terms/down payment
The company agrees to sell, deliver and install the materials listed on page one of this contract. Cash or Check. 50% down and the balance due upon installation. 1-1/2% will be charged per month on outstanding balances. We reserve the right to require full payment for custom orders prior to commencing work. Orders are not placed and work does not begin until deposit is received. We also reserve the right to charge for reimbursement of any and all parking fees incurred while working on project or permit fees deemed required by building or city officials.

Custom orders are not cancellable after three business days after deposit receipt/approval of order. Cancellation notice must be in writing and received by Stitch within three business days from receipt of order approval/deposit payment.

Any changes made by the customer in the specifications that require additional and/or different materials and labor are not covered by the contract and will be provided for by an additional proposal or change order.

If installation is specified, it is understood that the company may authorize a contractor, licensed where required to make installation of the materials and the Customer authorizes the Company:

(1) to issue to said contractor an installation work order with specifications set forth herein;
(2) to inspect installation upon completion thereof; and (3) to pay the contractor his charge for such installation.

Dye lots/tolerances
Be tolerant of lengths. Due to yarn contents, atmospheric conditions, and/or end uses, fabrics expand and contract (lengthen and shorten). This is inherent in all drapery fabrics, thus Stitch offers no guarantees should this occur. Stitch will make adjustments if needed such as re-hem for a nominal fee. No fabric is completely stable­–a completely stable fabric would have no textural interest at all.

Dye lots vary from one shipment to another. We make every effort to match, but we offer no guarantee to match dye lot tolerances. We recommend that all fabric orders of the same fabric be made at initial time of purchase, so as to reduce odds of dye lot inconsistencies.

Force majeure
There shall be no liability for delays or in failure to complete delivery or installation of all or any of the merchandise/materials if due to fire, or other casualties, labor disputes, war, government regulations or any cause beyond the control of Stitch.

This Contract shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Verbal understandings and agreements shall not be binding unless set forth herein, and this Contract may not be cancelled or modified without the express written consent of the Company.

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