Reasons I Chose Stitch

“My project consisted in converting a multi-functional, large spare room into a nursery for our baby. The room features a 12-foot high, floor to ceiling wall of glass, including a bay window, facing West, on a busy street. Because of the height and custom contour, I had no choice but to look for a professional. I called 4 and entertained offers from 3.

Why I chose Stitch:
1. Degree of professionalism demonstrated during the bidding process
2. Clear breakdown of costs and the most cost competitive (all other things being equal)
3. They provided an initial estimate and then a revised estimate inclusive of all the specific decisions (fabric, liner, etc). No surprises going from the first to the second (very important!).
4. They best understood (a) my taste (b) what suggestions to bring to the table to guide my choices (fabric, pleat, hardware contour, etc)

The project went very well and the final result made us very happy.
1. Communication was excellent throughout
2. Level of service was excellent.
3. Also, the team did a great job at addressing and resolving minor issues that surfaced during the project.

There isn’t one aspect of the project that I now wish we had done differently.

One final note on costs. Custom drapery projects seem to vary from several hundred dollars to several thousands, so you want to find somebody that is very good at delivering a solution that is going to work well for many years, yet doesn’t charge a fat premium for it compared to the competition. Stitch is very much in this sweet spot.”