Top Notch

“Rachael and her team created Roman shades for most of the windows in our house, including some very large bedroom and living room frames. We got quotes from several other budget blind shops and a few boutique blind vendors, but Rachael had them beat on quality of materials and workmanship. Prices were in the mid-range, but I feel that the quality of materials and stitching used justified the big spend.

Rachael has a keen eye for colors and fabrics that will work, and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion without drowning out your own instincts. After all, who ends up looking at the blinds day and night eh?

Rachael’s team measured very accurately and put up temporary blinds on all our windows while the window treatments were being made. After a few weeks, all the work was done and the install went smoothly. We’re extremely happy with our shades, they accent the fairly limited character in our house, and just look very clean and modern on the windows.

I only give 5 stars to works of genius like Ulysses or Waiting for Godot, but I would highly recommend Rachael and her team at Stitch for your window covering needs. Top notch.”